Ria Holliday

Ria Holliday

“Every artist was first an amateur”
(Ralph Waldo Emerson, American Essayist)

Ria was born in Johannesburg, completed her studies in Pretoria and worked as a teacher for three years before moving to Worcester in 1975. One of the art forms Ria excels in, is pottery. She creates beautifully crafted handmade stoneware plates and bowls which she decorates with her own intrinsic designs and sketches. In 1980 she began offering adult art classes which she continued for 38 years.

Furthermore she loves to sculpt figures which she turns into something uniquely beautiful with her paintbrush. Apart from decorating her pottery and her figurines, she also creates paintings. Her works expresses emotion such as joy or sorrow, as well as movement. Her paintings include landscapes, flowers, portraits, birds, seascapes, etc.

The essence of Ria’s art can be found in her own words: “Painting is not about observation. Painting is about sensual engagement and visual conversation that is young, changing and developing. In that conversation lies the delight and the magic – our growth”.

This versatile and talented artist of stature is also willing to share her knowledge and experience with others artists. On request of  groups she offers painting courses in Stilbaai where she teaches drawing techniques as well as watercolour and oil painting techniques.

Every year since 1984 this serious artist exhibits her work in different towns and art galleries around the Western Cape. She exhibited in towns like Worcester in the Jean Welz Gallery, Robertson, Montagu, Hermanus, Onrus, Paarl as well as Franshoek, Stellenbosch, etc. She is currently exhibiting her work at the 150th birthday festival of the Hugo Naude Art Gallery in Worcester.

Ria is a valued member of Stilbaai Fine Art Focus and is always willing to embrace other members and share her vast experience where needed. Her experience of exhibitions should be of great value to this group when it comes to organising their own exhibitions.

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