Martine Zandt-Verriest

Martine Zandt-Verriest

“Paintings have a life of their own that derives from the painter’s soul.” Vincent van Gogh

Martine was born in Flanders, the Dutch speaking northern portion of Belgium. Together with her parents she emigrated from Belgium to South Africa in 1966.

Since childhood she has enjoyed all sorts of art works, from colouring in, using chalk on blackboard to admiring old masters’ paintings. Nothing makes her happier than to sit somewhere and spend time drawing or painting.

Besides joining art classes and attending workshops with the purpose to mix with other artists, she has had no formal art training. She was a member of the Benoni Art Society for twelve years before moving to the Cape. Presently she is one of the local artists in Still Bay; she joined both groups called ‘Arts Alive’ and ‘Stilbaai Kunsvereniging’. For the last thirty years she has been exhibiting her art at different venues.

Martine finds that this peaceful and quiet village by the sea provides plenty of inspiration. All the different shades of blue continue to amaze her. To her, every day is a discovery of colours, shapes, harmony and design.

Verriest Atelier is her studio where she works on her art and where you can also peruse her work. When her husband retired as a dentist, she opened her own studio. She says life is about dreams and constantly creating new ones. Each painting is her next adventure in originality and expression. She likes to work in various mediums, but watercolour remains her favourite.

Should frame (where applicable) not be required, the artist is willing to give a discount accordingly.

This passionate artist is also a member of the Stilbaai Fine Art Focus where she contributes valuable insight and shares years of experience with other members.

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