Lidia Coetzee

Lidia Coetzee

“The richness I achieve comes from Nature, the source of my inspiration”
(Claude Monet, French Painter)

Lidia’s late husband, the sculptor AJ Coetzee recognised her artistic flair and thus encouraged her to enrol for painting classes in 1994. Although she continued with her career in the recruitment industry, painting soon became one of the loves of her life. As well as a valuable tool to, in her own words ‘keep me sane in the mad and taxing corporate world’.

She utilised every possible spare moment to pursue this new-found love and has been painting landscapes, portraits, seascapes as well as whatever inspired her for the past 25 years. Her favourite medium is oil, because, as she says ‘it makes a painting come alive, it enhances light and dark. It is a patient medium which allows the artist to invest time into the work. Just to smell it and feel it move under my brush gives me a feeling of well-being!’

Lidia attended various master classes and painting holidays. She is immensely grateful towards these masters who were prepared to share their valuable knowledge and talent.

In 2017 Lidia and AJ moved to Stilbaai to improve their quality of life and to draw inspiration from the beautiful environment. To quote her ‘I cannot get enough of the various moods of the Goukou River, I must have taken hundreds of photographs and they are all different. The colours vary all the time and look different throughout the day’.

She is proud to be a member of Stilbaai Fine Art Focus and draws inspiration from these highly experienced and talented artists. They share ideas and plan exhibitions.

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