Karin Frehse

Karin Frehse

“Art takes nature as its model” – Aristotle

Karin has a keen interest in nature, the flowers, birds and fynbos as found in Stilbaai in the Western Cape Province, South Africa. She grew up in the Riversdale area where she also attended school. Nature is in her blood as the Werner Frehse Nature Reserve near Riversdale was named after her father. Karin designed and painted the entrance posters to the Pauline Bohnen Nature Reserve in Stilbaai.

She has worked as a tour guide for 25 years during which she gained intimate knowledge of her country, South Africa. While in Cape Town, she became interested in wild flowers and worked with Kirstenbosch and CREW for many years. (CREW – Custodians of Rare and Endangered Wildflowers)

Karin started taking painting lessons in Buenos Aires with a German Professor in art. The theme of the training was Still Life and Portraits of the local people. In the following years she had the opportunity to paint parks and gardens in locations such as Kirstenbosch. During her tour guide years she also developed a passion for wild animals.

She works mainly in oil, but lately she also sketches flowers in watercolour. Her landscape paintings pertain to the scenery on her many tours with foreign tourists, or they are garden scenes. Many of her landscape paintings, though, show wild animals of her country. Nowadays she does botanical art in watercolour which she describes as ‘a new branch of art for me’.

Karin Frehse has a gallery at her home at 38 Gordon Street in Stilbaai East, which also forms part of the Hessequa Art Route. She also invites artists to pay her a visit and do some painting with her at her house. That way they could share tips and tricks of the trade with each other.

She is a member of Stilbaai Fine Art Focus where she can express opinions and share knowledge with other artists. They regularly organise art exhibitions where she has the opportunity to showcase her work and also meet art lovers and prospective buyers.

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