Jean Roelofse Grooff

Jean Roelofse Grooff

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life”
(Pablo Picasso, Spanish Artist)

Jean is a talented artist living in the inspiring environment of the small coastal town, Stilbaai in the Western Cape Province of South Africa. The Goukou River estuary, the unique fynbos, the birds, wildlife and ever moving ocean are all elements many artists come to Stilbaai for.

Jean Roelofse is of course no exception – she loves the outdoors and frequently hikes around the various hiking trails. As she explores the environment, she takes pictures of the breathtaking Stilbaai area including the Blombos caves where the ancient dwellers left their footprints.

This modest woman does not see herself as a painter, nor does she seem to know why a painting is perceived as good, or not. It was never about art for her, but was rather therapeutic while the world as she knew it was ripped apart and the truth revealed. She came to realise that in the lives of most of us, what we see and witness, cannot be farther from the truth.

Jean admits that she works instinctively, rather than applying supposed knowledge of art. This gentle painter likes to work in oil on a canvas prepared with acrylic paint. Her first training in working with oil paint was for three days under tutelage of Bob McKenzie by who’s methods she still paints.

She also paints  on request. Jean paints people’s special photos and does not work on prints. She will sometimes deviate from the photograph, either on request or when sensing something different. She makes only one painting of a photo and is willing, if asked, to acknowledge the photographer by adding his/her name on the painting below her own.

Although Jean is very modest about this, she has won the Kwikstert Award twice. This award is for the best painting on the annual art exhibition of the Stilbaai Kunsvereniging where the work of various artists is exhibited.

This unpretentious artist is also on the Hessequa Art Route and welcomes interested people by appointment. Not only does she paint, but she is also a sculptor.

Jean is one of a number of fine artists who are members of Stilbaai Fine Art Focus. Their aim is to share their skills, knowledge and experience as well as arrange regular art exhibitions. These exhibitions will offer them a platform where they can present their work to the public, other artists, art lovers as well as prospective buyers.

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