Fanie Swanepoel

Fanie Swanepoel

“Sculpture is the art of the intelligence”
(Pablo Picasso, Spanish Artist)

This quote from the famous Spanish artist, Picasso rings very true for the sculptor, Fanie Swanepoel. Although he is retired these days, he used to earn his living working in the field of engineering. Fanie is one of a number of artists to have moved to Stilbaai, a popular and aesthetically pleasing coastal retirement village. Gorgeously developed on the banks of the Goukou River estuary in the Western Cape Province, South Africa.

He has always been interested in sculpting, but his work only started to develop into something of stature during a two year training period with the late AJ Coetzee. Coetzee was known as a highly experienced bronze artist sculpting human figures and wildlife in bronze, expressing the diversity of human experience. He believed sculpture has to speak for itself when the creator is not there.

Fanie creates his interesting sculptures using, resin, wire and clay. The influence of Coetzee is visible in his work, some half resin, half wire, the end result being unique sculptures of human figures, animals and birds and more.

Apart from his art training under tutelage of AJ Coetzee, Fanie also received art training from painters Elizabeth Riding and Piet van der Westhuizen. He has already participated in two art exhibitions in Stilbaai and some of his sculptures are for sale at an art gallery in Vergelegen, Somerset West. 

Fanie is a talented member of Stilbaai Fine Art Focus which enables him to share his sculpting knowledge and skills with other artists. This is also a group of people with special artistic authority that can serve as a sound board and first line of constructive criticism as well as advice. 

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