Dan van Graan

Dan van Graan

“Artists are just children who refuse to put down their crayons”
(Al Hirschfield, American Artist)

Dan was born many, many moons ago in a little town in the Orange Free State (now Free State Province) in South Africa. Like most other people in the country, he has worked hard throughout his life to support his family and contribute to the economy of the country. By the time he reached retirement age, Dan decided to move to Stilbaai, a lovely place for any person with an artistic soul, what with the Goukou River estuary and the ever changing sea.

It seems that the artistic talent which is running in his family is also in his genes. Therefore it is no wonder that Dan has started drawing and painting from a very early age. He just couldn’t help it. Like many before him he could only start seriously working on his art after retirement when his time sort of became his own to mostly spend it the way he wanted.

According to Dan, he is a self taught artist who has never received any formal training or any training of any kind for that matter. Since 2011 he is seriously working on developing his art talent. He works with acrylic paint on stretched canvas and works in a range of styles, enjoying every challenge they bring.

Dan loves to paint wildlife, e.g. the different moods of the wild dog. He also paints other animals like horses as well as plants, flowers and cottages typical of the Western Cape region. He does not live practically on the doorstep of the Indian ocean for nothing – his work also includes seascapes. Looking at his work, one gets the impression that Dan harbours a very sensitive soul which tries (and succeeds) to capture that profound something that is hidden in everything.

He is a member of Stilbaai Fine Art Focus which endeavours to create a space where its members can come together and discuss their work. Where they support each other in every way they can and share their expertise and experience in a safe environment.

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