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About Us

“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes.
Art is knowing which ones to keep”
(Scott Adams, Cartoonist)

We are a diverse group of artists, but we all share a deep love for art. None of us can exist without continuously practising our specific form of art. Some of us paint using oil, acrylics or watercolours, others love to create sculptures with their artful fingers. Some of us have been coming to Stilbaai all our lives throughout our working years and others have discovered this precious jewel shortly before retirement. None of that really matters, what does matter is that all of us are privileged to be living in this inspiring environment so conducive to practising anything creative.

The possibilities for painting masterpieces are overwhelming in this coastal town. Living where there is so much water around you, harbouring so many bird species, land birds as well as sea birds, is paradise for those who excel in painting birds. Even in broad daylight families of deer can be seen around town. Sunrise and sunset are indescribably beautiful and different every day because of the ever changing weather.

Twice a day the water shifts between high and low as the tides keep on rotating for ever. Almost by the minute can one notice the difference as the water is constantly moving. Some days quietly and very blue and other days the mood becomes stormy and grey and the wind whips up white spray from the breaking waves. Menacing, but breathtaking! Some days the mist rolls in from the sea, cold and wet and covers everything, hiding it from the eye. Such times present a whole different dimension to the world which is very difficult to capture on canvas, but deeply stirs the creative spirit.

Even the flora in this area is unique. The fynbos has a look and smell of its own and offers flowers and bushes that are completely different from the flora inland. This is the home of the aloe, the suikerbos (protea) and the milkwood trees. Not far away when the canola fields are in bloom, they offer a wonderful opportunity for a striking landscape painting. The opportunities are inexhaustible. We love it and it shows in our work!

Stilbaai, or, Bay of the Sleeping Beauty

Where is this perfect place called Stilbaai, where artists come to retire and instead discover undiluted inspiration which threaten to sweep the old and weary bones to new heights?

Still Bay is a picture-perfect little coastal village off the beaten track in the Hessequa area of the Western Cape Province in South Africa. The town is developed on the banks of the Goukou River estuary where it runs into the Indian Ocean, offering ample opportunity for various water-sports. During the holidays the town becomes vibrant with holiday makers enjoying many different activities as well as the unique fauna and flora of the Garden Route.

While some people like to fish from their little boats on the river, others prefer to hike along the river banks or take long walks on the blue flag beaches of Still Bay.

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