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“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see”
(Edgar Degas, French Artist)

Every person walking the earth has a need for beauty. Some seek beauty in music, others in words, and then there are those who find beauty in visual images, shapes and colours. In the way the painter creates something intensely and painfully beautiful simply because he/she has the artistic ability to look deeper. To be inspired by colours and shapes and his/her own spiritual insights and life experiences to bring out that which others could not see before. Or the way the sculptor carefully chips away every little redundant fragment to unveil the sculpture which was hidden deep inside the core. All to create something so unique and exquisite that the soul feeding on visual beauty will not be able to resist. It will simply hurt too much if the hunger for that piece of art can not be satisfied.

Here in Still Bay where land meets ocean, where the mood and colour of the sea changes all the time, here artists find abundant inspiration. Here they discover their true potential and live their most productive years.

Welcome to
Stilbaai Fine art Focus

Where we encourage each other in exposing and marketing our art…

“Creativity is contagious, pass it on”
(Albert Einstein)

A number of artists in Stilbaai felt the need to form a sort of support group which they decided to call Stilbaai Fine Art Focus. The members of this group are all artists specialising in different art forms as well as have different levels of experience. Some of the members have been artists all their lives and have had formal training in art as well as have worked closely together with masters of their specific art forms. Others have been aware of their interest in drawing or creating figures since childhood, but only started practising their art around or after retirement.

The group consequently consists of the more knowledgeable and experienced artists on the one hand, and the later bloomers on the other hand. Each can learn from the other, and frankly, that is the whole idea of the group. To exchange ideas, information, skills, tricks of the trade and possibly even some good-natured gossip over a cup of tea or a drink. No matter how talented you are or how inexperienced, every artist has off days when he/she feels like a failure. During such times other members of the group dig into their own spiritual resources and show compassion and understanding and offer encouragement to those in need. For soon it might be their turn to receive encouragement.

Some members specialise in sculpting, some prefer painting or drawing, and others are versatile and can express themselves equally in various art forms. One of the aims of Stilbaai Fine Art Focus is to arrange regular art exhibitions where all the different art forms are showcased. These exhibitions will offer members an opportunity to display their work in a safe environment where the public, other artists, art lovers, prospective buyers and even visitors from abroad can peruse their work.

Meet the Artists

“In the mind of every artist there is a masterpiece”
(Kai Greene, American Artist)

Anita Barnard Artist in Stilbaai

Anita Barnard

The sea is in her blood, she finds the ever changing light fascinating and a challenge to capture. She loves to relate her experiences through small paintings in acrylic or oil on stretched canvas. Anita accepts commissions, offers art classes and also welcomes visitors to her home to peruse her art by appointment.

Lidia Coetzee

She is captivated by the ever changing moods of the Goukou River. Her favourite medium is oil which she believes makes a painting come alive and enhances light and dark. Her work includes landscapes, portraits and seascapes and she draws inspiration from the environment as well as other

Karin Frehse

Karin Frehse

A daughter from this region (Riversdale) she has a keen interest in nature, flowers, birds and fynbos. She paints landscapes of parks and gardens as well as wild animals. Although she mainly works in oil, she also does botanical art in watercolour. She has a gallery at home and is part of the Hessequa Art Route.

Ria Holliday Artist in Stilbaai

Ria Holliday

She is a very talented and versatile artist and has been creating art throughout her life. Ria is a painter, a sculptor as well as a potter which she taught for 38 years. She likes to work in oil and watercolour and offers painting classes to art groups on demand. Since 1984 she has been exhibiting her work annually in various towns in the Western Cape.

Jean Roelofse Grooff

An unpretentious artist who creates her artwork instinctively. She works in oil on a canvas prepared with acrylic paint. Jean paints mostly upon request and paints people's special photos. She is also a sculptor, is on the Hessequa Art Route and welcomes interested people to visit her at her home by appointment.

Margaret Smith

Margaret Smith

She is a nature lover and addicted to painting which she does mainly in oil and acrylic. Her subjects include animals, birds, landscapes, beach scenes as well as images from her travels. She has a studio at home where she used to give art classes.
Margaret has also participated in various exhibitions.

Fanie Swanepoel Sculpture in Stilbaai

Fanie Swanepoel

He is a sculptor with nifty fingers from an engineering background who studied bronze art under tutelage of the late AJ Coetzee.
He mainly works with bronze, wire and clay to create his human figures, animals, birds, etc.
Some of his sculptures are on display for sale at an art gallery in Vergelegen, Somerset West.

Dan van Graan

Dan van Graan

He has a sensitive soul – although he might deny it – and comes from a family with art built into their DNA. As a very young boy Dan already started playing around with drawing and painting. He uses acrylic paint on a stretched canvas and works in a range of styles. His paintings include wildlife, horses, flowers, seascapes, etc.

Martine Zandts-Verriest

Martine Zandt-Verriest

Originally from Flanders, Belgium, Martine grew up with art as her constant companion. She draws a great deal of inspiration from the sea with its many shades of blue. She likes to work in various mediums, but watercolour is her favourite. She has her own studio where she works and showcases her art.


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